Hide Custom button through JS

Today i got requirement to hide my custom button, i  just picked it’s id with the help of IE developer toolbar and used easiest line to hide any control


and just publised my entity and started testing it but soon after that i started rubbing my head  :-/  as i got JS error, then i test it using alert and found null when tried to get id through document.getElementById.

After some googling i came to know in case of custom button CRM behaves differently, maybe it generate id at run time, so no way to just use simple line to hide button, so i started to searching id of every IL and comparing it with title of my button and it worked



ItemList = document.getElementById(“mnuBar1”).rows[0].cells[0].getElementsByTagName(“UL”)[0].getElementsByTagName(“LI”);

for(var i=0; i<ItemList.length-1; i++)

{var str=ItemList[i].id;


{ItemList[i].style.display = “none”;

Hope it will help somebody……..

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