Tooltip In CRM 4.0

As in my previous Post I have discussed how to set Tooltip for CRM Fields, I want to extend this post.

Tooltip For Left Navigation Items

sometimes we need to set custom tooltip for left navigation items, so we can use the same title attribute to set but for left navigation link you have to set title for child element also. for e.g we want to set tooltip for “Contact” link in account form then we can set that like below

var _NavContact=document.getElementById(“navContacts”);
_NavContact.title=”Your custom tooltip”;
_NavContact.children[1].title=”Your custom tooltip”;

Tooltip For Section

To set tooltip for section you have to get GUID of the section, you can get this by view->sourc of the form

var _Section=document.getElementById(“GUID of Section”);
_Section.title=”Your custom tooltip”;

Hope it will help somebody 🙂


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