Customization Import from CRM online to Onpremise

Today I tried to import my customization.xml from CRM online to onpremise and I got error

 “Either the file could not be uploaded, or this is not a valid Customization file.”

I was surprised. I tried to import the same file to my CRM online environment again and it imported successfully. So my first thought was to enable trace and check for log files, I got one log file. I check that log file using CRM 4.0 Trace Log Viewer and I found an exception message

“The element ‘savedquery’ has invalid child element ‘visualizations’. List of possible elements expected:’Description,columnsetxml’.”

So “Visualization” was the main culprit here. In CRM online visualization represents to Charts, so a visualization tags is added under savedquery node. So I modified my customization xml file in visual studio and deleted all visualization tags and then imported my customization file and it worked like a charm.



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