Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 New Features Book Review

Some days back I got one email from Packt Publishing to review their new book Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 New Features which is written by my fellow MVP Jim Wang and Darren Liu.

I would like to congratulate both Jim and Darren for their wonderful book, they have done very good job.

 Book chapter’s review

Chapter 1: Setting Up The Development Workspace

This chapter deals with setting up a development environment, it includes MSCRM 2011 software and hardware requirements, with information about setting sharepoint 2010 and other development tools.

Chapter 2: System Design and Configuration

This chapter is about a practical sample application called “Airline Compensation Management System” and they have nicely described MS CRM 2011 new customization enhancements with screenshots relating it with sample application design.

 Chapter 3: Data Import

This chapter is about new enhancements in OOB data import wizard, it deals with different scenario of importing data.

 Chapter 4: Client-Side Programming

This chapter has details about the client side programming model. It describes how to use webresources and reference them.

 This chapter also talks about SOAP and Rest endpoints and how to use them.

 Chapter 5: Server-Side Programming

This chapter nicely presents server side concept in MSCRM 2011. This chapter will tell you about crm services and assemblies that come with CRM SDK.

 This chapter will help you to understand Event framework, plugin and processes.

Chapter 6: SharePoint Integration

This chapter has very good explanation of sharepoint integration

 Chapter 7: Charts and Dashboards

This chapter is the overview of chart and dashboard features, it does not includes much details about this feature, but still it provides you good information on how to use filter, charts and dashboard.

Chapter 8: Extending Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 in the Cloud

This chapter deals with setting up Customer portal for it’s sample application, it provides very good information about basic steps for setting portal and registering it with information on setting up Email router with office 365 exchange online.

 Chapter 9: Sitemap and Ribbon Customization

If you are looking information on how to add custom ribbon buttons, then this chapter has sufficient details for you. It provides you step by step information of adding ribbons.

 Chapter 10: Packaging It Up

This chapter is about how to create and manage solutions a new feature in MSCRM 2011. This chapters also tells you how to deals conflict in solutions.

 Overall this is a good book, which provides you information on new feature of MS CRM 2011 with practical examples. If you buy it you can place order in Packtpub.

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