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Quick Create Form In MS CRM 2013

Today we are going to discuss Quick Create Forms which is a new feature added in MS CRM 2013. Quick create form facilitate ms crm user to create entity record quickly as name suggest, just filling key information (you can decide your key attributes that you want to put on this form). By default you will get quick form in some of the entities like account,contact,lead,case,opportunity etc.


you can access these forms by selecting Create button on nav bar, once selected you will get options to create quick record for quick create form enabled entities.


When you will create custom entity you will get only two forms, Main entity form and Mobile entity form, but we can create quick form by selecting New->Quick Create Form from entity tool bar. Once created we can customize this form and add our key fields. Quick form only contains one Tab and three Section , we can’t add new tab or section in quick create form, but you can drag and drop required fields. Once quick form is designed they can be used to create quick entity records, but in order to make your entity available in quick create command bar, you need to make sure to select “Allow quick create” check box under Data Services in entity properties.

Toshow inQuick formAfter publishing entity, you can get your entity in listed in quick create command bar.


Once selected you should be able to see quick create form as designed. You can click on Save button to save entity record with entered information.

We will continue discussing new features added in MS CRM 2013 in our upcoming posts, so stay tuned!!!



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Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Data Mining

Very informative post regarding Data Mining with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Mark Margolis's Blog

As you have probably already gathered I’m a big fan of Analytics and Visualisations so when my colleague Manuel Altermatt told me he was doing some work on CRM and Data Mining and wanted to do a  guest post I jumped at the chance! You can contact manuel on

Whilst Dynamics CRM is widely recognized for its strong operational capabilities, the outstanding analytical capabilities which arise in conjunction with SQL Server are sometimes overlooked. We can think about business intelligence in two categories:
Reporting and analytics, which are methodologies and tools that focus on “what happened”, thus working on data exploration, historical information, reports, dashboards, KPI’s, etc.
Data Mining, which are methodologies and tools that focus on “why did it happen”, thus working on data understanding, patterns, correlation, past and future data, and data prediction.


This blog post shows how Dynamics CRM can be combined with SQL Server…

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MS CRM 2013 Beta Migration Upgrade

Recently we did MS CRM 2013 beta migration upgrade for one of our organization, where we have multiple plugins and lots of Java Script web resources with custom Silver light web resources. We have done our customization in classical forms. To upgrade we followed below steps

Step1. First we took full backup from our old Database server.

Step2. Restore organization database to MS CRM 2011 beta server.

Step3. Imported organization using deployment manager.

import*Note: During user mapping make sure to map at least one CRM admin user who is a deployment administrator.

Below are the changes between MS CRM 2011 and MS CRM 2013 beta organizaton





   Entity Forms


Custom Buttons


HIMBAP | Need any help in MS CRM 2013 Contact US !!

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“The provided uri did not return any service endpoints” Error MS CRM 2011 Quick Tip

Suddenly we starting getting above error when we were trying to connect through plugin registration tool, so we also tried to browse organization service and got error as well. But when we restarted Microsoft Dynamics CRM Asynchronous Processing Service it worked perfectly !!!

HIMBAP | Need any help in customization Contact US !!

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MS CRM 2013 Beta In Place Upgrade

MS CRM 2013 beta in place upgrade was a quite simple process , we are sharing our experience with in place upgrade for simple test organization.

Step 1. Download MS CRM 2013 beta from Microsoft Connect

Step 2. Before starting your installation you need to make sure

  • You should have latest rollup installed for Ms CRM 2011 or at least Rollup 6.
  • Uninstall Connector for Sql server Reporting services.

Step 3.  Run CRM2013-Server-ENU-amd64.exe in your MS CRM 2011 Server to start installation.

Step 4.  It will ask if you want to get update or not.

Step 5. It will start searching for installation for required component and will prompt you to install if there is any component missing, Click on Install to install required components.

Capture1Step 6. Select your organization to be upgraded from drop down.

Step 7. Select user mapping.

Step 8. Provide email router server name if you are planning to use email router for email integration.

Step 9. You will get list of warning, just click Next.

Step 10. Final Scree will display Deployment specific information, Click on Upgrade.

We will be testing MS CRM 2013 beta upgrade with some other highly customized organizations and will share our experience here.


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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Release Preview Guide is Available

If you are excited about Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, then check Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Release Preview Guide, this guide provides information about what we are going to get in MS CRM 2013 !!!.

Enjoy !!


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