Quick Create Form In MS CRM 2013

Today we are going to discuss Quick Create Forms which is a new feature added in MS CRM 2013. Quick create form facilitate ms crm user to create entity record quickly as name suggest, just filling key information (you can decide your key attributes that you want to put on this form). By default you will get quick form in some of the entities like account,contact,lead,case,opportunity etc.


you can access these forms by selecting Create button on nav bar, once selected you will get options to create quick record for quick create form enabled entities.


When you will create custom entity you will get only two forms, Main entity form and Mobile entity form, but we can create quick form by selecting New->Quick Create Form from entity tool bar. Once created we can customize this form and add our key fields. Quick form only contains one Tab and three Section , we can’t add new tab or section in quick create form, but you can drag and drop required fields. Once quick form is designed they can be used to create quick entity records, but in order to make your entity available in quick create command bar, you need to make sure to select “Allow quick create” check box under Data Services in entity properties.

Toshow inQuick formAfter publishing entity, you can get your entity in listed in quick create command bar.


Once selected you should be able to see quick create form as designed. You can click on Save button to save entity record with entered information.

We will continue discussing new features added in MS CRM 2013 in our upcoming posts, so stay tuned!!!



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2 responses to “Quick Create Form In MS CRM 2013

  1. Muhammad Sohail

    Hi as you say in blog Quick form only contains one Tab and one Section we can’t add new tab or section in quick create form.is this for Custom Entity or All which have Quick Create form.
    as in Roshan Mehta blog he said on quick Create form Sections (including labels and layout formatting). It appears that there can only be a maximum of three sections on a Quick Create Form.

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