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Enable “Allow to use Credentials for Email….” in MS CRM 2013 On-premise

Are you trying to update mailbox record in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 on-premise and getting “Allow to use Credentials for Email Processing” field grayed out like the following ?? If yes then this post will help to enable this option.


Allow to use Credentials for Email Processing” option under mailbox in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 allows us to store credentials to access email services, if we are using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 on-premise, we need to configure IFD to enable this options, but if you don’t want to configure IFD we have following workarounds to enable it.

  • By Enabling https binding 
  • By Using registry key

In this post we will discuss the first option. We need a SSL certificate to bind with CRM website. As we are using our demo VPC, we have created a wild card certificate. Use following procedure to bind SSL certificate and configure HTTPS binding to the CRM website.

  1. Create a SSL certificate. (Please refer our earlier post to create wild card certificate.)
  2. Run IIS Manager.
  3. Select Microsoft Dynamics CRM website.
  4. Click on Bindings… under Action.
  5. Click on Add under Site Binding dialog.
  6. Select https from Type dropdown.binding
  7. Select your SSL certification under SSL certificate dropdown and keep other setting as default.
  8. Click Ok and Close.
  9. Navigate to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Deployment Manager.
  10. Select Microsoft Dynamics CRM and select Properties under Actions.
  11. Select Web Address table and click on HTTPS binding type.
  12. Change port with the port that we used in https binding under Step 7 (443 in our case) in all services.
  13. Click Ok to close and do IISRESET

Now navigate to the mailbox record in CRM, you should get “Allow to use Credentials for Email Processing” enabled.


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