We at HIMBAP are a team of highly skilled Microsoft Dynamics CRM experts, with extensive experience in developing solution for diverse domains, across verticals. We believe in having long-term firm relationships with our customers. We help our customers in improving their business efficiency and profitability with automation and innovation to their business process leveraging Microsoft Dynamics CRM along with our services.

HIMBAP is guided by a team of Microsoft Certified Professional and MVP in Dynamics CRM. Along with experience and expertise in Dynamics CRM we also bring our understanding of business requirement in various customer scenarios and ability to empathize with our customers. And the one thing that differentiates us from the rest is not only our Dynamics CRM expertise but also our unique customer led approach.

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16 responses to “About

  1. Hi Mahendar,
    Nice blog !
    How are you?

    Nishant Rana

  2. Hai Mahenderpal,
    This blog is very helpful.one request from my side
    How we will get MVP.is there any certification needed for This MVP.give me reply.

    Thanks & regards

  3. Vivek Gupta

    Hello sir,
    This is very useful blog. I have a problem, Give me a solution.
    How to find out the the user wise lookup in an entity in which look up is mapped with that entity in ms crm 2011
    I have a lookup in an entity and i want to show the value in that lookup which is assigned that user. For e.g: I have a entity Ultimate and i have a lookup Agency in the entity “ultimate”. I want when a user login and create a new ultimate then onload, Agency will show, in which that ageny mappened with that user. Also when system admin or any other user create ultimate Entity, then agency will show according to that user in MS CRM 2011

    • mahenderpal

      Thanks for the compliment Vivek,

      I hope, you have relationship between user and agency entity ?? you can write a javascript to populate agency based on user id.

      Hope it will help you

  4. Vivek Gupta

    Thanx for the reply.
    Ya , I have relationship beween user and agency. I have write a javascript for identify the agency look up id in a user. From this when i open ultimate entity , the agency will show according to that user but now the problem is, it only shows a agency icon, not the name. It will show agency name after saving it. I want agency name will show onload of ultimate entity.
    plz suggest me.

    Vivek Gupta

    • mahenderpal

      make sure you are having some value in primary field in agency entity, it seens name field is blank in agency entity, otherwise share your code.

  5. mahenderpal

    Vivek, this script is not correct you should get error in this script if you are using it in ms crm 2011, are you sure you are using the same script ???

  6. Vivek Gupta

    Hey in your blog, the code is not correctly published here. I don’t know why. But i have only copy and paste my code here. But in this page , it will not display.

  7. sameer

    Can you help me with few lines of code using CRM 2011 SDK to retrieve all the Active directory groups that a user in context belongs to?

    To give you some background, i have requirement to implement user profile role based access funtionality in my project. The project is coded using .net csharp. But some parts of this project are hosted on CRM as hosted and webhosted applications.

    Groups like payments, frontoffice ..etc have been created in Active Directory and users are assinged to one of these groups when they join and removed if they leave. Hence it is essential for us to use active directory to retrieve any information. I am not sure how to go about this implementation. If you can help with some idea and also few lines of code to get user groups from AD, that would be much appreciated.

  8. mahenderpal

    There is no supported way to do it.

  9. Very nice blog this is very helpful for me
    Thanks Mahendar.

  10. Sri

    Very nice blog and helpful for the developers.

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