Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 update Rollup 3

Recently Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 update Rollup 3 is released, refer below link to get more details on issues fixed in this rollup

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OptionSetId cannot be changed. EnumAttributeInfo.AttributeDescription.OptionSetId(089e077e-6055-446a-ad6e-326f0bee7c9c) != c0864f8b-2c13-e411-93ed-000d3a800961


Option Set Id cannot be changed Error

Originally posted on Nishant Rana's Weblog:

We got this error while importing the solution. This issue is caused by having an optionset with same name but different guid.

The solution is to identify the field and delete it from the org where we are importing.

select name from optionsetview where optionsetid = ‘c0864f8b-2c13-e411-93ed-000d3a800961′ (the 2nd guid)

The helpful post


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Adding Deployment Administrator in MS CRM Online

If you want to register custom business logic (plugin/custom workflow) in MS CRM, you should be part of the deployment admin group. In this post we are going to provide you information for adding user in Deployment Admin group in case of MS CRM Online.

If you are creating new user from Microsoft Office 365 Admin Portal you  can add user in “Global administrator” group, but if you want to add already created user in Global administrator group, you need to follow below instruction:

> Navigate to Microsoft Office 365 Admin Portal.

> Navigate to users and groups

> Select your user and Click on Edit user button



> Click on Settings

> Select Global Admin from drop down and click on Save.



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5 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Spring ‘14 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Service Pack 1 Features

Duplicate Detection are Back !!

This feature was removed from MS CRM 2013 at the time of create and update so customer started using custom solution for duplicate detection. But with latest release this feature is back with enhancement, and now this  feature is also available in CRM for tablet as well.

Solution Export Version

This is another  xRM feature added where you could export your solution by target specific version, for example the version can be organization dependent where you want to deploy your solution, so if you are working in older organization version but want to deploy your solution to higher version organization you can set it while exporting solution.


Updated Plug-in Registration Tool

If you will download latest MS CRM 2013 SDK, you will find  registration tool under Tools folder. New UI featured UI  is introduced for plug-in registration tool. Now you have options to create connection based on your deployment type like on-premise, online and office 365 organization. You don’t need to enter discover service URL now instead you just need to mention your online region if you know otherwise you could simply select don’t know.



while you are connecting, if due to some reason you are unable to connect it will create a log file instead of just displaying message, so that you can use the same log file later if required.

Xrm Tooling API

This is another xRM feature added in new release, where we have new xRM tooling assemblies available that can be leveraged to use new tooling capabilities like a new login control and new connection test control (you can find it under bin folder). For example if you are working with a windows application and want to setup a wizard to connect to Microsoft CRM, you can use these tooling api and can initiate connection wizard using below statement:

var ConnectionWizard = newConnectionDialog();



Case Merge & hierarchies

There may be situation when two duplicate case is created for the same customer for the same support request, and now you want to merge them. Earlier merging facility was only available for account, contact and lead, but with new release you can merges cases as well. As soon as you will select two case from case view, merge command button will be visible in command bar. Also now we associate child case to it’s parent just like we can have sub account in account. We can associate up to 100 child cases.

You can refer latest MS CRM 2013 SDK for more details.

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“System.servicemodel.serviceactivationexception 500″ – WCF Rest Service

Suddenly we started getting above error in one of our MS CRM Dev environment where we have one WCF Rest service running for MS CRM 2013 custom integration. After enabling tracing in wcf service we found below detailed error message

<Message>Memory gates checking failed because the free memory (175853568 bytes) is less than 5% of total memory.  As a result, the service will not be available for incoming requests.  To resolve this, either reduce the load on the machine or adjust the value of minFreeMemoryPercentageToActivateService on the serviceHostingEnvironment config element  .</Message>

After adding below line in web config, this issue got resolved.

<serviceHostingEnvironment minFreeMemoryPercentageToActivateService=”0″ />


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Price list currency must match ….. Error

One of our end user reported below issue in MS CRM 2013 online organization, while trying to create order he was getting this issue.


Mostly this error comes when the currency used in sales entities is different than the currency used in price list referred in sales entities. But in our case, when we compared currency in order and price list used, it was same. But when we tried to set the same currency as default currency for this user, this issue got resolved!!

Hope it will help someone.

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Advanced Find on record forms for CRM 2013


Show Advance find button on entity form MS CRM 2013

Originally posted on Microsoft Dynamics CRM links:

Add the Advanced Find button to any entity form’s Command Bar for easier access to the feature.

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