Global Search is finally here in MS CRM 2015

The most awaited feature Global search is finally here. Although there are addons available in market for global search, check this post for details, but this feature was not available OOB. Actually this feature was already released in MS CRM 2013, CRM for tablet client, but MS CRM 2015 introduced this feature for web client as well. When you will login to CRM, you will see a search text box in top navigation bar, where you can enter your search string then CRM will list out all the configured entity records if found. Once you have result you can also filter it based on specific entity using Filter With dropdown next to search text box.


Global search can be configured by navigating Sittings-> Administration->System Settings->Set up Quick Find. We can include up to 10 entities for global search using select button (Although you can add more than 10 entities but it won’t allow you to save if you have more than 10 entities listed under Selected Entities.


You can change the order of entities in which order you want to see the result. Internally global search use quick find column to search data.

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Turning off navigation tour in MS CRM 2015

If you are logged in first time in MS CRM 2013, you will see a beautiful CRM lady in navigation tour screen, this tour will help you with quick navigation tips, but even if you will select “Don’t show me this again” , she may come back again to meet you :) if you will access CRM from other browser or your browser cookies will be deleted.


If you are using on premise deployment then you have option to do a registry key fix like this to remove it, but if you are using online then you don’t have any option to remove it permanently.

Don’t worry finally we can say good-bye to her, because MS CRM 2015 introduced a new system setting to turn off navigation tour (Settings-> Administration->System Settings)

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Using Routing Rule Set in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 SP1 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Spring ’14 introduced a new feature that allows us to define case routing rules. We can set up different queues based on different business scenarios and then define case routing rules to route cases to these queues (Note: we can have only one routing rule set active at a time). To define routing rules we can navigate to Settings -> Service Management.

Any user with appropriate permission on Routing Rule Set can create and modify routing rules.

ruouting security rule

In our scenario let say we have queues named High Priority and Low Priority (we can create new queue by navigating Settings ->Service Management->Queues) and we want to define a routing rules to rout high/low priority cases to respective queues. To create routing rule, we need to use following instructions:

  • Navigate to Settings-> Service Management-> Routing Rule Set->New
  • Fill routing rule set name, Let’s say “Case Assignment Rule
  • Click on Save button under command bar
  • Click on plus sign on Rule Item sub grid to create rule
  • Define routing rule like following screen and click on Save and Close on rule item window.


  • Follow same steps to create another Rule Item to check if case priority equals to low then assign case to Low Priority queue.
  • Click on Activate button on command bar of routing rule set from.

Now navigate to active case view and select single or multiple cases. After selection, we will see APPLY ROUTING RULE button on command bar, click on this button and it will rout cases based on their priority to high or low priority queue.

case routingNow navigate to Service -> Queue, we should be able to see all cases routed to respective queses.

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Capture old value before change in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 using Real Time Workflow

While working on opportunity, we want to monitor closely all the changes happening in opportunity, for example when Probability value has changed, when opportunity rating is changed etc, maybe we also want to notify the sales manager about these changes with details. Let’s use an example of Opportunity rating, OOB opportunity rating field contains three options:

  • Hot
  • Warm
  • Cold

We can also modify this field if required to fulfill business requirement, so let say when opportunity rating is changed we want to notify our company sales manager with the following very simple information:

Rating for Opportunity has been updated

Previous Rating : <<Old Rating>>

New Rating : <<New Rating>>

We can simply set up an asyn workflow to send notification on changes of rating, but to capture old value of the rating, we need to create a custom field to hold this value for us and create a real time workflow to get old value form rating field. Following are the steps to complete this requirement.

Let’s first create custom field in opportunity entity

  • Browse MS CRM 2013 Application and navigate to Settings
  • Navigate to Customization | Customize the System
  • Navigate to Components | Opportunity |Fields | New
  • Create a field text field for old rating
  • Place this field over Opportunity form.
  • Save and Publish your changes

Let’s now setup our asyn workflow to send notification. Following are the steps to create asyn workflow

  • Navigate to Settings | Processes | New
  • Use following properties
    • Process Name: Send Notification
    • Category: Workflow
    • Entity: Opportunity
    • Make sure “Run this workflow in the background (recommended)” is selected
  • Configure to run workflow as Child (select “As a child process”)
  • Click on Add Step and select Send email option from drop down
  • Click on Set Properties and configure your email like following

emailPropertiesYou need to get Rating and old rating value from Form Assistant like above. Finally your workflow should look like belowfinalworkflow

  • Activate your process.

Now let’s setup a Real time workflow to capture old value before change. Following are the steps to setup workflow

  • Navigate to Settings | Processes| New
  • Navigate to Settings | Processes| New
  • Use following properties
    • Process Name: Capture Old Value
    • Category: Workflow
    • Entity: Opportunity
    • Make sure to uncheck “Run this workflow in the background (Recommended)” option
  • Click Ok
  • Configure your Syn workflow using following properties
    • Scope: Organization
    • Start when: Before
    • Record fields changes: Check this (select rating field using Select button)
  • Click on Add Step and select Update option
  • Click on Set Properties and set old rating field like following screen


  • Click on Save and Close
  • Click on Add Step and select Start child workflow
  • Select your workflow that is created in earlier step
  • Finally it should look like following


  • Activate your workflow

Open any opportunity record and try to change rating value then hit Save, you should be able to see old rating value in old rating field.

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Creating RSS Feed Dashboard in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013: Part 3

This is our last post to create a RSS feed dashboard in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013. Please check our previous posts to create a RSS feed web resource for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Team blog and Twitter user account. In this post we will use these web resources in our dashboard.

Please follow our previous post to get RSS feeds and create web resources for the following URLs.

Once we have all the web resources ready, use the following procedure to create a RSS feed dashboard:

  • Navigate to Settings |Customization | Customize the System.
  • Navigate to Components | Dashboard | New.
  • Select “2-Column Regular Dashboard” from the layout and click on Create.
  • Fill in “Microsoft Dynamics CRM RSS Feeds” under the name TextBox.
  • Please your web resources in the dashboard columns and provide a display name.
  • After placing the web resources it should look like the following screen.


  • Save your dashboard and navigate to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 home page.
  • Select Microsoft Dynamics CRM RSS Feeds dashboard from the drop down.

Our dashboard will look like the following:


Stay tuned for our next article.

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Creating RSS Feed Dashboard in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013: Part 2

This is our second post to create RSS feed dashboard. In our previous post we explained how to create web resource to display website RSS feeds. In this post we will provide procedure to create Twitter feed web resource.

We can get Twitter RSS feeds using URL like , where for username parameter we can use our Twitter user account, so for example for HIMBAP, we need to use following URL

So we can go to  and follow steps from previous blog to create widget and get code.

Twitter itself also provide source code to create widget so we don’t need to use any other free widget, we can simply connect to our twitter account and can get source code from there for widget. Following are the steps to create twitter feed web resource

  • Connect to your twitter account (we are using our HIMBAP twitter account)
  • Navigate to Settings under Profile and Settings
  • Select Widgets and click on Edit


  • Copy twitter widget code


  • Browse Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Application
  • Navigate Settings | Customizations | Customize the System
  • Click Newunder Components | Web Resources
  • Fill following properties
    • Name: <<Provide meaningful name>>.html
    • Display Name : <<Provide meaningful name>>.html
    • Type: Webpages(HTML)
  • Click on Text Editor and past the code that we copied from twitter account
  • Save and Publish your changes
  • Click on Preview you should be able to see our twitter account RSS feeds like belowhimnews

Stay tuned, in next post we show how to use these web resources in Dashboard.

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Sample code: Using jqGrid in ASP.NET page to show CRM data


jqGrid in for CRM data

Originally posted on Nishant Rana's Weblog:

Sample code: Using jqGrid in ASP.NET page to show CRM data

Just sharing a simple ASP.NET page that uses jqGrid to show contact records in CRM and allows user to search.

Here is the code (remove .doc)

Hope it helps ..

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