Sending Mail through worklfow using Wait Condition

Most of the time we need to send mail based on some response, let’s take one example of a enrollment where a CSR need update enrollment status to “Approved/Not Approved” within 5 days when a new sub enrolled for a new program, if CSR not ble to do that then we need to send mail to Manager regarding the enrollment. it could be any case where we need to wait for some time or we need to check some status after some specific time we can use “Wait Condition” for this purpose like here i am going to give example of enrollment process

1. Start workflow designer

2. Name your workflow and select your entity here i am using Enrollment (custom entity)
3. Check on Start when Record is created
4. Click on Add step and select “Wait Condition”.
5. Configure Wait condition and select “Workflow” form first dropdown box.
6. Select “Timeout” from second dropdown box.
7. Select “Equals” form third dropdown box.
8. Set datetime parameter from dynamic values.
your Wait condition should look like below image.

9. Then add step to check Status of Enrollment if it is still pending.
10. Add step to send mail.
your steps should look like below image.


11. Save and close your workflow and publish it.
may be some time you face problem of “Waiting for resources” just try to restart Asyn service.

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